When do you think wls will be made untradeable, if ever?

I wanna do a road to an expensive item by selling all my items for world locks to buy the expensive item. It should take at max 2 months. Do you think I can get it before wls will become untradeable?

They probably won’t even become untradable tbh

They will. Jake is kinda stubborn about untradeable WLs and the valid points on the stream made by people were met with him instantly saying “But still, bytecoins are better to use because…”, and seeing Dev’s response to the other post, they are most likely 99% going to make them untradeable. Plus, all the mods have voted Yes.

Jake is stubborn about every decision he makes. He doesn’t actually listen to the community when it comes to things like this. He just asks them questions and makes his own decision regardless.


99 percent you must be joking.

I’m 70 percent sure they won’t do it there is no significant reason too do it it will cause more problems than it will solve

That’s the entire point of the argument here with the untradeable wls; look at pixelworlds game recent post, and devs post, it looks like they already made up their mind

i guess im blind, i don’t see any reason why it shouldnt happen…

Really…. It just seems so sudden and random

In my opinion I reckon they should do a test run with the community first, for like a week, anyhow people will still trade wls via worlds tho, muhc easier than bc

Hmm interesting idea…

Imagine thinking it will become untrade.
Its no difference thinking that the earth is flat.


It seems like you do not know much about what is happening with the game there is a fair chance they will be untradeable