When does the bytecoin rate change from 250/1 to 219/1?


I’m hoping never because 219/1 is a scam.

Most likely at the end of summer.

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That’s why you should exchange them now…

How is it a scam if everyone already exchanged their world locks…

Cuz people are gonna be going back to having stupid wonky maths instead of the easy to remember 250 conversion we use for everyone

This is just gonna make bytes even more like pennies


But the vendor sells 250/1…

That essentially stabilized the currency

Unless it goes 300/1…

Most of items rised becuz wl is untradeable maybe

guys byte won’t be counted as 219, the npc may be at 219 but nobody will be selling world locks to it. people will still count byte as 250/1 also most prices are counted in bytes instead of wls now.

probably 18th of august

Yes, that’s why the vendor is a scam.

I highly doubt that most people will care about rate change when world locks became untradable.

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how is it a scam if nobody even uses it.

It is gonna be around this month, Jake said



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in short terms i agreed with your statement.

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