Where are Janski1's items

Janski1, who was banned from the game for 10 years 2-3 years ago, became the richest player in the game. Janski1 owned these items called Wing in the world. But when I go to the wing world, I can’t see these items. Do you have any idea where these items are going?

Pretty sure they were all in her inventory when she was banned.

Why he/she got banned?

because he is trying to sell his items for real money, and it is breaking the game rule.

Even if the item was in her inventory, Jake would’ve confiscated her world and items, anyways.

If confiscated, probably given away or brought back into the economy’s circulation.

Imagine getting Free drac Cape xd

Jake did giveaway a dracula cape in his streams, so that is a possibility :man_shrugging:

When Jake gave it away?

Instant wls lol
Probably most of those expensive items were just sold or smth

what is the world name

The world name is wing