Where are the most pixel worlds players from

This is what i got from Google Trends. It’s like searches per capita not overall searches because otherwiswe Asia would be way more in the top.

I think that more people in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia don’t have as much people then in other countries but I think that if for example Lithuania had 100 million people living there then we would see alot more Lithuanian players.

But the most players are problably from Turkey, Finland and Indonesia

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Turkish people have big population in pixel worlds , u can see by entering TURK

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There are alot of players from Finland because well, the game was made in Finland so Finnish people can try out the game and choose to speak English or Finnish, and since some Finnish people can’t speak English, the game has alot of Finnish people since there is a Finnish language option

Indonesia is one of those countries with very big population, so ofc the game has alot of Indos

i thought there is more Estonian players :thinking:
also Estonian population is 1,3 million.

Yeah the percentage is bigger of players but theres more people in Indonesia and Turkey plus the game was made in Finland so theres alot of those countries.

Australians represent :fist:t3:

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yup (twenty characters)

respect :fist:! (20 characters)

and Turkey population is 83 million.

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Meanwhile me from Bulgaria with 7 more active players : left 4 dead

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I’m not sure of how accurate it is to only look at data from Google trends. I see way more Finns than Estonians or Lithuanians. If we could somehow access the information from let’s say Google Play or Steam, we could form a more accurate picture of the demographics that play Pixel Worlds.

Someone searching “Pixel Worlds” doesn’t mean they play it or even are interested in it. Although the two may correlate, correlation isn’t causation.

Its inaccurate, so naming it the “most” — I don’t know if its the proper name for it. You just also took it from Google Trends. I’m guessing most of the players comes - near Finland. Otherwise, no idea.

I said the most is Turkey, Finland and Indonesia. But the highet percentage is apperently Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania.

You said “probably”. You’re not sure either.

Well, I’m from sweden

Oooo Lithuania

Google Trends is kinda inaccurate, i would say Finland or Turkey.

That’s so inaccurate honestly. I’ve seen a lot of canadians / romanians there’s no way that’s accurate TT but there’s no way to tell for sure how many of each there are so it’s a nice try lol ^^

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Hej på dig!

well if for example 10 maybe more people went to pixelstation and recorded the nationality of 100 different pixelians we could get a pretty accurate representation it does depend whether people are actually using there own nationality tho