Where is the soil?

Im bored so I made this design. Spot the soil.

doNt spOt anyThing ElsE!

rate design ?/10

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? If you can’t find the soil you need glasses.

8/10 its very good _______

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Is this like a reverse “Where’s Waldo”?


thx it took me 12 mins tbh

isn’t it “Where’s Wally”?

so what is the version name in ur country?

We used to have “Where’s Anne Frank?”

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“doNt spOt anyThing ElsE!”

woah is that obsidian shards u leak???
rU jAKe uNdERcOVeR???

This was fun but also
Make frosted soil farmable without perks

yeah thats annoying, changing perks all the time