Where should PW ACTUALLY take inspiration

So, this website has this thing listed in their T&C’s:

It’s a policy where if you mail support in a short enough time after being scammed, they WILL give you your lost stuff back.

While it’s not 100% (unlike what it says in the image) that the items will ACTUALLY get back to your account, it is still MILES better than the policy of PW regarding scammed items:

If you got scammed, you are screwed. We won’t give you your items back, no matter what you do. We can ban the scammer’s account but they can freely create a new one and scam you again.

At least give the users a CHANCE to get their scammed items back instead of saying “We track everything that happens on your account and our admin panel can access it, however we won’t recover your scammed items.”

Well… as i heard… admins give you back the items you got scammed in rare cases. (Mostly if the items are super expensive example: Dark pixie)

Nope. It’s only if it was a hacker.

I got my DP returned after like a year but not all the other wings. I’ve been waiting for Jake to reply, nothing. I don’t know if I should try messaging again.

Oh… i thought when you got scammed a super expensive item, you can get it returned to you… my bad i didn’t knew…

Maybe try message devs again for your problem with the wings

This probably takes a lot of work to handle in the first place, handling a lot of scam issues. I’d rather have new updates over scammed items being returned (unless it was hacked, because that is out of anybodies control), especially considering that it’s always your fault if you get scammed (you have to drop the item, you have to give the item, etc.)