Where to get the tradable cards?

So… ye its obvious for example: you can get “Breck the prospector” card from mining. but if anyone got a tradable card, please reply below how did you get the card for example…

Examples. “I got the Breck the prospector from level 5 mineshaft”
“Turok the wanderer dropped from monster i killed in nether but one of my
comrades just happened to pass by and took the card”
-These are only examples

By replying how you got it, we can find out what is the requirments of how to get it.
For instances: Maybe you can’t get it in nether but only in Deep nether

One thing, it would be a overwhelming dissapointment if the “Manfred the baron” card is in the mystery chest… its because if you lucky enough to trigger legndary, you need to be lucky enough too to get the jet in odds of: 50% Flying saucer — 50% legendary card

-If you’re reading this Dev, please make a change in mystery chest if the manfred the baron is obtainable through the chest :slight_smile:

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I heard the cards you get from mining are dropped from LVL 5 mine monsters

how about the rodster? does anyone know where and what I should fish?