Which Booster Pack Is The Most Profitable On Pixel Worlds(Got Over 8k bc!)(2 Legends!)|Pixel Worlds|

no booster is profitable bozo

i spend 12k gems and got 8k+ bc

that is genuine bad profit

That is good profit lmao

not really. profit is profit. its never bad or good

Also manry returns :smile:

im joking bozo good luck

who is that guy? sounds like some noob

i would normally get 1250 bc if i sold mgems but instead i spend them on booster packs and got those. also i got mgems for free

he is a nice guy. please be respectfull to others

He’s a guy that got bullied for fun haha :sweat_smile:

idk him and that emoji reminds me of luke please stop using

he said manry is back i ask who’s that guy, as im pretty obviously resembling myself to be the one who’s a noob and as in that i dont fall in the category of bullying unless bullying urself is real lol

ah pretty sorry i thought you were referring to tellcode

thanks!(20 characters)

who’s tellcode btw (for a friend)

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i hate that i cant even type rip bozo

Bro upgrade your inventory its killing me

Besides that good video

Omg manry :flushed: