Which moderator or admin was ur friend?

Which moderator or a admin is in ur friend list? :smiley:

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None Nico :upside_down_face:

If was in my friends list then
Blackwight and Seaf

Blackwight, Commander_K, SEAF, Citrina, Rabia, EndlesS, Dev, Mstar, and a couple of more inactives like xSHANEx and Hinter

Being friends with Jake would’ve been great as I could’ve gotten a lot more people banned but it is what it is - it’s impossible for me to contact him. He probably only knows me because of the bazooka business (and when I rekt him in PVP)


A few current/ex moderators and admins unfriended me which is understandable since I didn’t play for around 2 years (or maybe they just wanted to unfriend me, which is fine lmao). I only have Commander_K, Unelias, EndlesS and Freak left.

Wow you have many Friends even

all mods and devs are hostages in my basement so they have to be friends with me


Citrina, LMO, EndlesS, Ghust, Nico, Blackwight and Rabia. Why ask though?

That’s all in 2017 endless said he’d add me. But never did

I’m not friends with any, but I share membership in a clan with some, that’s about it.

Every single one of them!! :scream: :innocent:

me looking at everybody listing there devs and mod friends while i dont have any…

I don’t have any moderators in my friends list… except in my Clan’s members list :v:

AT the moment the only mod on my friends list would be SEAF, but I am on good terms w multiple others.

Blackwight is my friend but not in my friend list or none at all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Just for fun…

I’ve just started and has no moderator and developer friends, still wondering how everyone added a moderator…

Dev, some of my friends that I used to have that are now Mods today unfriended me, so yeah.

why is this thread even a thing? i personally think it’s kind of unfair on the actual admin/moderator for their supposed friends to be showing them off. but if i guess if they’re okay with it, then my opinion doesn’t matter :v:

I don’t think you guys should view this as some kind of competition like most of you are doing right now…

The mods and devs aren’t trophies or objects, they’re human beings like the rest of us.