Which one is more boring : Fishing or Mining?

Which one is more boring and grindy in your opinion, Fishing or Mining?

Also, please tell me what you do right now in the comment section. Are you a fisher, miner, trader, fighters or something else?

Do you prefer mining or fishing, based on your experience?

  • Fishing
  • Mining

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your opinions will make my guides more accurate. :heart_eyes:

Depends. Mining is more active, fishing is pretty repetitive. I personally enjoy both — it’s not fun to only go for one or the other, in my opinion.

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Which one is more grindy and tiring?

Well, they are both a little grindy per se. I would say I get tired of fishing faster than I get tired of mining, though. I suppose I haven’t finished my mining achievement yet either, giving me more motivation to work towards it.

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Same with Kaluub. Fishing is good but you get bored and tired of it easily. With mining, it is more active and keeps you engaged for more.

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What do you often do? Mining or Fishing?

Mining as of now
(20 mining)

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Mining is too grindy and boring for me as it also feels repetitive. When I do it, it also feels like a chore or a drag (I especially dislike clearing le mines).
I prefer fishing because you do not have to focus on it. It is boring IF it is the only thing you’re doing. But in my case, I multitask while fishing. Like finish a design, explore on an alt, chat with people and so on.

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Alright, thanks @TiberiusZgo .

I see, do you fish all the time? or are you a fisher and trader?

I mostly fish but rn I need to build up funds quick so im currently doing other profit methods

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I only do farms, nether and did pets (withblvl10 pets you profit alot and i have 4 lvl 10 pets) but i have break with pets. And i do nether when i get my dark jet pack.
Im so close :frowning:

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Wow, nice!

What do you farm? and how long do you spend a day farming and nether?

Thanks commanderder,
May I know what are the other profit methods?

Fishing is boring
Mining is Grindy
Simple as that.

I do neither btw.

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I farm spike or lava

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Mining profits more, mining is also more interactive. Fishing is boring, has low-profitability and is just waiting.

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Mining is quite exciting, gives you a lot of gems, but it has more risk (if you’re using higher-level keys) and for me, got a bit repetitive after a while. Fishing yields less profit, is boring (apart from the occasional huge fish) but is more straightforward and has less risk. Fishing is also much, much easier to do than mining. When you fish, you can also do whatever you want and just wait for a strike, like look at reddit. However, mining is more profitable than fishing.

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Are you mining all the time? How many hours do you spend a day on mining?