Which one is more profit

Which one is more profitable mining,fishing,farming,nethe?

I’d say mining is the most profitable for now

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Mining if you are good at PVE, without dying and not spending ANY potions.

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Well, it really depends on your budget and how much are you willing to invest.

  • If you are quite low on gems, and don’t have any source to get more, then I would recommend either to start farming blocks or the netherworld. This only until you have an stable amount of gems. Then you can try other methods.

  • If you have a low budget and you want to start a little bit soft, then I would recommend you fishing.

  • If your budget is bigger, and you are willing to invest a lot, then I would recommend you mining.


mining is best (for now)

I think fishing and using the fgems to make lure shops is more profitable rather than selling fgems because fgems is dropping and its not really a profit