Who Own CC Brown and Who CC Black?

Hello I’ll take all kinda help here that helps about finding CC Brown and CC Black and ofc you guys can make more Questions about them too!

SweFB owns it probably.

CC Brown was owned by Kokuta 9 months ago, he might still have it. There is actually a video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXWNbnscerM
CC Black might have never been seen before.
I would have happily checked info about them on the old forums but I was too late since the old forums were down and then shut down.

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Kokuta got perm. banned and all items got confiscated by Commander_k…

I guess before ban he sold those hair to someone else.

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Oh, didn’t know. Well hopefully he did sell it because if not then there are basically 0 left.

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