why aren't wotw worlds selected weekly?

As you know, wotw worlds are not selected weekly anymore and wotw worlds have been stacked on the discord server for 2 weeks and they are waiting to be selected.


Decisions must be made on how to prioritize your time from an administrator standpoint, and, fortunately for us, our admins are focusing their time on developing new features and enhancing past updates.

World of the Week needs some sort of alteration or overhaul in general; I think it would be nice if a Discord moderator started to choose two of their favorite worlds on the discord/forum and then players in the Discord voted. This information could be sent up and used by the administrators quickly too.

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Most devs went bye bye so nobody is choosing wotw

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the worlds with the most positive votes are selected in discord lately, if you look you’ll see

Fair enough. I do wish they would check more frequently though. No sense of urgency surrounding it whatsoever.

It’s called World of the Year now, get it right.

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