Why do I feel that the NFTs would be a better outcome?

Everyone who watched the stream knows that Jake joked about “every PW item becoming a NFT”, before moving on to the actual announcement.

Even though NFTs are a clear scam and destroy the environment, I feel that nobody would actually buy them and they would eventually die out.

However, we instead have the whole team PERMANENTLY LEAVING, the streams being PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED and transferred over to new devs that we don’t even know - we don’t know their KNIDs (usernames), we don’t know whether they will actually communicate, we don’t know whether they will make the game better or worse.


We don’t know them yet, the key word there being yet

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There are going to be more as jake said that they are putting new team together currently.

How do you expect them to start communicating with us when our community manager hasn’t even left yet and they are just settling in and finding their place, chill.


You’re a bit too obsessed with this topic now, just wait until we get the new devs instead of putting on a tinfoil hat and coming up with all these conspiracies. Know when to stop.


On the previous thread, I stated that Jake would leave and people said that “they didn’t hint to any sort of resignation”. Then it turned out to be the truth. I might just be lucky but sometimes it’s vital to take a negative approach.


So OldPW developers that didn’t decide to leave - the few that didn’t have a significant role in PW development.

The thing has been announced just yesterday and people were judging the new developers already :skull:

you can’t deny the fact that there were NO signs of jake leaving, almost everyone got surprised

how about stopping calling it “OldPW” and “NewPW” you’re literally playing the same game but with different people drawing the pixels and writing the codes


I already decided on that naming because of fundamental changes in the team, and the development of PW itself. In an alternative timeline where most of the Kukouri team didn’t leave the company, PW would develop differently. There would be different updates, and different stuff.

And Jake leaving means ZERO more banning scammers videos. ZERO more “reading support” videos, or other content.

That’s the sad part. All of the content I really liked and watched would be gone. Luckily, I think one of the devs (Siskea I think) is taking the content role.

Key word, sometimes. You do it for literally everything.


I think too that PW won’t be changing so much to call it OldPW and NewPW
and let’s be honest, NFTs are a cancer


True. NFTs are a scam.

However, I would gladly accept an optional feature that literally nobody needs to use (and probably won’t, considering NFTs are just expensive .jpgs), instead of permanently ending the streams, YT content, and probably PW itself.

PW is not going anywhere, streams are probably gonna happen at different time when new team finds a new community manager and yt vids about updates are probably gonna happen by someone else

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New community manager is prob Siskea since she streamed before.

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Their 4 streams shown that they’re not yet fit for streaming, since they had really bad hardware.