Why is it easier to get WLs in PW than in GT?

In PW you just farm mining keys and then sell them on PWE for BC and then buy WLs with BC.
In GT, there is no PWE, so you gotta buy a vending machine, put the items in it, and SB so people come and buy.

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Its the other way around, its easier to get WLs in GT.

Easier in the other game because the wls their have lower value because of economy
But here in pw there is more than one way to earn so it seems like we earn more

How to Profit in Growtopia

  • Yoo WL inflation keeps happening!!
  • Scam people wls
  • Possess someone account
  • play casino
  • go hoard 999 magplants
  • be a (really) greedy BUY+ sell links, sell ripper/asbestos/dasred/climber for a expensive price
  • Gacha gacha

How to Profit in Pixel Worlds

  • Nether
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Trade Profit

Ehh I don’t know what your talking about got wls easier than pw ones

I find it easier to gets wls in pw, there’s much more variety of things to do in pw, not even just getting wls wise. I just like a mixture of things.

pretty easy get wl on gt you just need hack someone account cuz its really easy to break their weak security xD

getting WL with extra steps

  1. SB
  3. Someone just installed RAT
  4. hack account rob all items and worlds


Getting wls is always easier in GT
Because I use bytecoins in PW as my currency

Growtopia’s wls is 2000 gems than in pw’s 3000,i think its easier to get a wl in gt? there are many ways to get wl in growtopia. like bfg and selling off your items via 3- word letter and vends ( i get 1dl per week in gt )

i kinda have a hard time getting a wl in one day, i usually earn 1-10wl per week than in gt’s 3-10dl per month.

Honnestly i think GT as its been around longer and more ways to get gems

I’m just going to point out that it’s two very different games…

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