Why is this happening

I only use insta to stalk people…

In case you didnt realise these are all illegal traders xD

That happened to me too. I sent some words of choice to some.

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Oh you discovered my alt accounts, sorry for the inconvenience


I tried contacting one too. I think they realized I am a veteran and sent me some more words of choice and I replied with more words of choice.

Personally i remove the follow and block their account lol

hey free follows dont hurt nobody

Pls make skem alt and fallow me, pls mii need.

xD True if you think about it except i dont want followers TWT

Update: Now the gt players have found me…

THis is getting bad

uh oh
prepare a statement LOL

I dont know how…

Oh might h0i man help me

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Well I’ll be sure to defend you if they actually do plot something to make you look like an illegal trader lol

I often get illegal trader DMs on Instagram, I usually tell them to “*** off”

Ya thanks xD

How did they find me tho xD

They’re generally bots. Or something “idk”.
(Somebody on discord told me to say idk instead of I don’t know.)

Yes thats genrally how its used

I think Instagram has pixel worlds follow suggestions to get the ball rolling.

They mass follow people to find potential buyers. It’s a shame these losers aren’t tracked down more.

Lol yeah I remember when jake did those flanderstone things. I miss the old moderation :confused:

Yeah, the old moderation was so good.
I wish I was a moderator, I am antisocial, but that ain’t happening anytime soon.

I wish I had curse wands so people can stop randomly harassing me for no reason.

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funfact: those illegal trader cant solve 1 + 1
there is actually 40 more scam followers but it wont shown on my notif

yeah dont look at the top one… DON’T