Why is WATER not consider as background/prop block?

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Background or prop? im confused.
on what i mean on the title is shouldnt be water still placable even if it got placed by any blocks? or is it just me remembering my past (gro…)

Both props and backgrounds can be placed behind water. So it doesn’t make sense for it to be either of those. Since you can pass through water, it technically shouldn’t be a block, but there’s no need for a Liquid category. It’s closer to blocks than anything else.


There are some blocks that can be put together with water (like ice, and some secret base traps). Although, the majority of blocks don’t actually allow water to be placed on them.

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oh my god bro you cant just reply that to different thread, you can get banned by it. post this kind of topic once.

i was going to make a beach-themed world and noticed sand and water cant be plced in the same spot. im gonna try it with traps.

It’s neither, it has collision.