Why Public Test Servers would help development

I’m absolutely tired of the devs always showing us new features but then they’re like “Oh, you cannot access it! It’s on a private test server.”
And the Steam branch requires an unlock key, which… well, good luck getting it.

A public test server would:

  • Contain new features that aren’t released to LIVE
  • Contain unlimited gems and VIP, but store packs are restricted only to the necessary stuff for testing.
  • NOT be open the entire time, it’ll be opened only when a new feature is bound to release to LIVE.
  • Have a different account from the LIVE server, due to the unlimited gems and stuff.
  • NOT be the same as the private test servers. Private test servers may contain information that can be shared only between admins, but public ones will not contain such information.

The forums would contain a section called “PTS bug reports”. Where people can report bugs found in the PTS and the devs can fix them before pushing the update to LIVE.

Constructive criticism only. I’m absolutely TIRED of people TRASHING my suggestions for NO reason.


That’s actually good suggestion!

I’m not sure about it, id say a 50-50 chance it would help, as a developer myself you can get alot of hate before the product reaches a release, Instead we could just do devlogs like we are doing now.

Well if they do this, in my opinion, only beta people should be allowed to enter the server. After all we were the ones who downloaded Portal Worlds APKs from dodgy sites and in a way, ‘tested’, it before it was released.

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There are lots of people who could test stuff and who didn’t download the game back then.

Downloading a game in beta doesn’t make you a better tester.

Not only that, but this is one of the times where quantiny is over quality, so even if downloading a game in beta did make you a better tester, there is absolutely no reason to restrict the access to everyone else.

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How Jake aleready said they would love to do that but it would take a lot of time for them to set it up and take away those things they don’t want to show us.

It’s just not worth the effort for them at this point.

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well as much im careless of what’s coming up, i still would just make sure anything works in the next update, yknow.


Yeah, I’m kind of annoyed that every update breaks the game.
Clearly they don’t test their updates.
When we had testers for the fishing update, we fixed over 20 different bugs. Why don’t they just do that again?

Honestly, we just update too often. I feel like adding a test environment like this would add 1-2 weeks between each update. Not necessarily a bad thing, but that’s how it is.

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There’s a proverb in Russian.

“Семь раз отмерь, один раз отрежь.”

It means “Measure seven times, cut once.” (Referring to scissors)

Measuring is short-term, cutting is long-term.

I didn’t see the fishing update in development, but if it actually had testers as neoslayer said, and they found 20 bugs, it would make sense to have either a group of testers or the community to test it before it affects the actual game.

Releasing it to public with bugs (the update, not the public :smiley: ) will cause long-term problems in the game - people having to wait a lot of time for the bugs to be fixed, the bugs affecting the economy, etc.

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5 months waiting for new feature is actually pretty long

Hmm, I honestly don’t mind waiting an extra 1 - 2 weeks for an update, as long as when the update launches, the game is not filled with bugs and constant maintenances. Although I can see why you guys do not plan on doing so, considering how many people would complain about the lack of updates, or testers spoiling the update to everyone (both intentionally and unintentionally).


Heh, have a massive watermark with an ID on the test version that makes it impossible for players to remove the ID
Get the bonk if they reveal it, lmao

I also wouldn’t mind an extra 1-2 weeks. Better to wait an extra while than to have a rushed update with bugs or even rollbacks due to the economy being ruined.

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