Why So Expensive?!


Why is this so expensive? Imma buy it

Grants water immunity. Drinking water has no effects to your body.

To drain the bytes circulating within the economy so items will drop. The devs are trying their best to deflate the economy.

no, that item was one of the items that no one ever had and if i’m not wrong it was supposed to be a crossbreedable piece of clothing but was removed before/during the beta

Late(ish) reply

It was never in circulation. and only 3 or 4 released - if the devs wanted a devalue this is a ridiculous ploy

  1. They’ve created a super rare item that can only be bought by the mega rich, previously unbuyable - before it couldn’t be found so no amount of money could get it.

Also a ridiculously high price that will only rise.

  1. If they really wanted to deflate the economy it would be released as a clothes option on new accounts, in the same way the yellow ones are! I so wish they had done this

Recently I’ve started to think the game owners want all items to rocket in price …
As this only encourages players (especially new ones) to spend real money getting Gems and similar …

actually no one ever had it in game even if it was an existing item since pw first launched

And for this, in a Jake’s stream last halloween he said it was meant to be this way. New players are sent to the PIXELSTATION were they see other players with cool items which the new players wish to have so they start working for them getting addicted to PW.

I got the new forgees