Why so many maintenance breaks?

Literally this is the fifth maintenance break this week.

Minor bug issues as always. This is not surprising at all.

and it seems like it doesnt even fix much

Like what? Can you tell me one bug which got fixed?

bruh i have no chance for playing secret base with my friends
i guess there some bugs

It’s better to have a maintenance 5 times per week than having an everyday maintenance in Growtopia which is this isn’t gt so.

They’re probably fixing the bugs ex. Missing items, stuff.

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Bug fixing in general.

Sorry for delayed response.

One of the minor bugs that I have encountered was with wishing well. Once you use it, display to drop a byte coin does not appear unless you start moving for a few seconds and so on. It was pain in the ass do the quest as it took longer than it should have. It has been already fixed.

Other one that still exists with netherworld is AI being invincible for more than a few seconds. It isn’t internet connection issue as you can still use chat and AI + players are moving and talking as well.

Well, the reason of these maintenances is to fix some minor or mayor bugs, usually when they break the game.
I would not complain about them, since these are really necessary to keep the game as regular as possible.