Why some people does this?

I were playing spleef and this happened…



It’s just the stupid kids that think being racist and homo/trans/whateverphobic is a funny and/or edgy joke.


So true they are 10 year olds trying to be cool.


they have no respect

Okay…who the HELL would think that being homophobic is cool and hip? IT’S JUST SOME PIXELS ON YOUR SCREEN! If they hate rainbows that much why don’t they try to cancel out Magic Stuff? Why don’t they just cancel the whole color spectrum too?

Whoever said this was being supportive, I don’t know why you included their message.



I didnt understand what did he say xd

Oh just attention trolls that have nothing better to do, I just report them and then mute them. Not really worth my time

Just regular kids of ages 12-13. No need to blow it out of proportion.

Im 13 too, but not stupid :confused:

They are salty, you know sum of religion told not to be LGBT i agree with it however I do not agree to be homophobic some church misguided people, that being homophobic is good and make LGBT’s become an normal person they thought its right to be homophobic. The right thing is actually to just dont be homophobic y’know
I dont mind other ppl lives so yea.


You know what’s more funny? I was fishing, chillin and someone (noob) lv 20+ came beside me and fish. Ignored him since he said a lot of times of donate me plz. Later I donated him 250 byte. And he just show me middle finger emoji and then ran away, and continue to fish. Like srsly? No thank you after donated, just a middle finger and some curse words to me


With the new card update, I now know (some) noobs are more untrusted than pros

I didnt know fising could be smart

Fising opened his mind, he might be able to afford the “h” now

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Never has been. (Characters)

Regular kids are asshats? Lmao that says something about today’s society

Ayo fising speaking fax? :scream: :thinking: :cold_face:


What should i do :frowning:

You should probably terminate your forum account it’s too dangerous to be kept.