Will PW ever add a new rod?

I was just wondering will pixel worlds ever add a new rod?

they added a new rod a few updates ago the dark carbon rod

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It’s pretty disappointing tho cuz the exact same as carbon sup

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And, it’s far more expensive too, it really isn’t worth the price.

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Let’s say they add more rods, what will they achieve? With the current rod availabilities, you can have a decent rod at most reasonable price points.

You might want to argue that adding new rods would make it easier to catch huge fish, but in mine, and many others opinions, huge fish are already easy to catch.

Maybe if they were to add rods with inbuilt perks such as strike frequency with other trade offer, I’d understand but adding a rod without any consideration e.g. just a recolour/reskin makes not much sense to me.

Lightning rods!
Doesn’t need to be a fishing rod right

With upgraded gear and upgraded rod why don’t you damn people actually word stuff better

Key point to take out of my original reply:

  • you can have a decent rod at most reasonable price points

Incase I need to explain this in easier
English, you can buy a rod for cheap and you can buy a rod for expensive.

You don’t need good gear to easily catch a huge. Strike frequency is the only necessary gear and those don’t even impact how easy huge fish are to catch.

Your comment also has no relevance to the topic, it is only relevant to my reply.

If you’re going to make a reply to me in future, please make sure you can back up what you say.

I believe the Dark Carbon Fiber Rod, catches fishes 5% Faster.

dark carb rod must be buffed

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I hope you read, what i wrote above.

  • Still unsure if it’s between 5% or 10% Faster Strike Frequency.

  • Also unsure if it has chance to Catch Bigger Fishes. - [NOT TRUE]

watch wokuns video on yt he gets like the same from both rods theres no difference also the info daark carbon says equal to csup

He didn’t test it correctly. :wink:

really … but anyway even if he didnt dcsup might be better but not worth the price

They could add a new rod any time by now but probably in few months or wait a year or two for it.

You called it, exactly a few months

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You don’t need gear to catch a huge fish

Lol I was on point, they added a new rod.

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