Will someone take over the official Pixel Worlds Channel to make content?

Since Jake left the Official Youtube Channel has been dead for a while, does anyone think there will ever be someone on the dev team to pick up Jake’s microphone? If so what will it be about? considering alot of them were things based on either edit,events,updates,find Jake and so on will the whole Theme of what the channel was about change? or will it ever be used again, what do you guys think of the YT Channel’s future of Pixel Worlds?

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I mean if our community manager willing to do it, but as you see he doesnt really communicate with anyone so often publicly, plus i doubt he agree on doing video

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We have no one to make videos on yt

I’d say there barely is a community to manage

I’d say that job title is a joke .

Community manager.

This world require communication with players, through several channels. As well as running the game .

The last person to try and communicate was Siskea, who openly admitted did not want to do YT stuff . Wasn’t comfortable with it

Love him or hate him Jake was a unique character. There has been no one with his charisma since … He raised the games profile …

Sadly that channel won’t be again unless the game gets sold, even then I’m not sure it would be opened up unless whoever held those reigns was looking to develop the game.

On separate thing I’ve been surprised that a really good and separate YT channel hasn’t appeared …

Didn’t Blackwight recently say trouble is the game doesn’t offer enough reward/incentive…?