Will you quit pw?

so will you quit pw?

  • yes
  • no
  • idk
  • probally yes
  • probally not

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im just get bored

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Pixel Worlds has gotten dry for me for like the last year, I still don’t know how I have not quitted. I probably still play for atleast the rest of 2021.

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Usually if I get bored in pixelworlds, I “retire”. Retire is when I just do not be in game for a while or I just play for fun, no profiting, no fishing, no mining, no buying and selling etc.

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Well yes I eventually will quit…

Everybody will.

I haven’t played for a while because of my WLs.

I quitted PW before, but I feel optimistic about the future of PW because of the Battle Cards update.
I am looking forward of the cards tournament that start in August.

Pixelworlds has gone pretty boring for me during last months, I haven’t quitted but, i feel like i am getting more inactive there and stuff there… isn’t no more interesting as it was long ago.

I found that playing too much of one game would make the game not as interesting as I first started. Even though that one game is fun to play.

So, I would take a break from a game when I need to and when I am busy. I suggest everyone to do the same thing when they get bored.

I don’t really plan on quitting since Pixel Worlds is very fun :heart:, but it is indeed boring to play the same game every day. So, I would take a break when I need to.

I’ve been playing Pixel Worlds since late 2019, and I don’t plan to stop playing. I just love this game, and if I do get bored from it, I just take a month-long break from the game before I get my motivation back. I would probably play Pixel Worlds for as long as the game would exist.

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Same…i think

so many ppls will quit?

If i don’t find Pixel Worlds entertaining anymore i will eventually just quit.

I will quit pw when it gets shut down, so yes

Deep :exploding_head:


I will quit when I stop playing

Well yea, one day I will
The game is already pretty boring
Right now I only log on for about 5 minutes a day

I’ll quit when the servers shut down. Which, honestly, i don’t think is gonna happen anytime soon. There will always be people buying vip/gem packs, and turning in a profit. This game can be really fun, and sad to say, the most fun days were when i had nothing. Once you get rich, you lose motivation.

If server’s shut down Omaba will buy Kukouri and make game alive again :sunglasses:

Jokes asides…
I kind of have quitted already since i don’t find this game interesting anymore…

I will probally quit
The game is kinda eh for me already although a good update could probally change that

I will only quit if I lose everything, the game no longer exists, or if the game is just not interesting anymore