Wood Block Recipe

- Wood Block is a block that you could build with .

:diamonds:To Splice wood block : Splice Lava Seed + Soil Block seed = Wood Block

:diamonds:Hope this had helped you , Thanks for reading.

This is cool and could be helpful to some people but… this isn’t really needed on the forums and if you do this a lot it can get a little bit spammy

how could i delete it?

Yeah, I agree. This thread is really unecessary. There’s already recipes on wiki and the world recipe on PW.


No you don’t have to it’s just I’m not sure not many posts thing like this you don’t have to delete Just don’t make tons of these about every block it’s just very random I’m not sure

I appreciate you posting these at the forums, but as they said, wiki exists and this can be considered spamming, there’s no need to delete the thread. I know your helping.

Just imagine if you actually made a recipe tier or 1-9+ in one thread.