World Filter on the Active Worlds Tab

Just a quick suggestion, on the Active Worlds tab, there should be an option to filter the active worlds by categories, similarly to the one on the Top Rated Worlds tab. The idea came about, because the Active Worlds tab is usually just flooded with fishing worlds, and it can be difficult to find anything else.


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I like this idea, as someone who likes to explore, it’s kind of a pain sifting through the fishing or trading worlds to find ones that are great to explore or play with.

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Unrelated to the original post, but man, the like limit is annoying. I was stopped at 46 likes for ages, I’ve liked a few more, and now it’s already telling me that I’m close to running out again…


I desperately need this added to the game! As someone who likes to socialize and find people to talk to, it’s rather frustrating when all the active worlds are fishing worlds as fishers don’t tend to talk much. Very often the worlds on the Active World tab are the same ones. I keep seeing the same names everyday. I’d like to find some brand new random worlds that just happen to be active at the moment.

Exactly that, it’d allow for so much more diversity when flicking through the Active Worlds, and so many more fun experiences.

Anything that adds more organization is a +1 from me. As long as it doesn’t become convoluted

You can basically sample this feature by looking at the filter on the Top Rated Worlds tab, so it shouldn’t become convoluted if they implement it in the same way.

Oh please, I would like to have this feature inside the game. It would be much easier to find the kind of worlds you would like to visit.


Yeah, no more fishing worlds endlessly claiming the Active Worlds tab. :joy:

Kinda sucks seeing too much fishing worlds when I don’t even fish

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I would strongly agree. This is one of needed things that should be added given that this is highly social game. It focuses on worlds that players create and yet is still tad a bit primitive in this.

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Certainly, there’s a huge lack of differentiation in the worlds on the Active Worlds tab, 90% of them are fishing worlds.

Bump, still want to see this introduced.

Bumping once again, this would make the game much more fun.

We did receive a ‘random world’ button recently, but all it really does is take you to a random world that’s probably already on the ‘active worlds’ tab anyway.

Having a filter for the ‘active worlds’ tab would make finding interesting worlds so much easier, and people wouldn’t need to dig around hundreds of fishing worlds, and other worlds that they don’t care about to find something interesting.


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Nice suggestion

Active Worlds most likely to appear when a world have a big amoount of users within it, say around 10 or so. If there’s alot of active worlds the UI will show every world with over 10 players for sure, and for sure it would be fishing worlds most of the time.

Definitely, mainly because fishing worlds always have people in, as fishing is one of the main ways to earn gems in Pixel Worlds.

Yes, amazing idea! (20)