World name Changer / Clear already generated worlds

We need an item which changes the world name.
In GT there is an item which is called “Change of Address” which has this description: “If you own two worlds, you can use this handy form to swap their names permanently. Requires a World Lock in both worlds.” It has existed since the beginning of that game (same about player name changer). In that game we can generate an empty world and then swap the name of the world to the one which we intended to use and thus makes it cleared instantly.
I really want something just like this in PW so I can clear the newly generated world which I wanted to clear but couldn’t with the “Tabula rasa” because I generated the world already.

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Yeah, and GT also has the Birth Certificate which lets you change your GrowID.

PW will never have username changing.

@Tumppi2 has done a good job with my world.

Maybe he would agree to clear yours.

Ye if you need a world cleared I can certainly do it :+1: