World Planner Feature

WORLD PLANNER :earth_africa:

Different themed worlds should be easier to create and more beautiful in a sandbox mmo game, so use the “World Planner” feature to get creative the way you want.

Instead of seeing the same worlds, we’ll see different themed worlds, which probably makes the players happy.

This feature is potential for community update called “Best Update Ever”.

You can customize your world by choosing what you want from these options. Each option has a different price, its total price varies depending on what you choose.

Note: You can’t use seasonal orbs or weathers if it’s not added into the game yet. Only way to use these is having “VIP Status” otherwise these will be locked.

Clear World > 500 Byte coins

Cemetary Orb > 850 bytes
Night Orb > 500 bytes
Star Orb >400 bytes
Forest Orb > 150 bytes
Winter Orb > 600 bytes
Candy Orb > 600 bytes
Alien Orb > 5000 bytes
Sand Orb > 450 bytes
City Orb > 550 bytes
Summer Sky Orb > 550 bytes

Weather Globe - Halloween > 4250 bytes
Weather Globe - Heavy Rain > 850 bytes
Weather Globe - Light Rain > 650 bytes
Weather Globe - Pixel Trails > 3.200 bytes
Weather Globe - Sand Storm > 1300 bytes
Weather Globe - Valentine’s > 3.250 bytes
Weather Globe - Light Snow > 850 bytes
Weather Globe - Snow Storm > 1600 bytes

Sphere of Lesser Darkness 75k > 4700 bytes
Sphere of Darkness 75k > 4700 bytes
Sphere of Great Darkness 75k > bytes

Snowy Biome > 2450 Bytes / Winter Orb - Light Snow - Blocks and Props.
Desert Biome > 2750 Bytes / Sand Orb - Sand Storm - Blocks and Props.
Rain Forest Biome >1800 Bytes / Light Rain - Forest Orb - Blocks and Props.
Alien Biome > 9200 Bytes / Alien Orb - Pixel Trails - Blocks and Props.



unfortunately it would make orbs as items useless unless you want to change existing orb, clearing feature is pretty neat!

I honestly don’t like this feature. With VIP, having the ability to buy seasonal orbs when it isn’t their season would just make buying them during their season “worthless”. Not to mention that trading orbs (as Fazeus has said) would essentially be dead.

Might as well add some requirements for those “seasonal orbs”, can be 4x pricing (although it is possible to reduce the price), etc. This would cause people with VIP to think twice when using the world planner when the orb isn’t available at that time.

Or just make the ability to have the ability to change the scenery WHEN you have the required items. This would display a preview of the world before finally creating it.

Otherwise, the world planner sounds quite interesting to me.


On a side note, I would actually like this to be added in already existing worlds as well. We’ve all been in that situation, where we want to demolish our own world to create a newer design. The “Clear World” feature would also work on this, although there would be a 10 second countdown before having the ability to demolish a world, just in case the owner has left some valuable items behind. A world preview (with everything inside listed) would be displayed.

Speaking of world previews, inserting an orb via this feature would also display a preview of the previous and new version of the world. This way, owners can compare between each other world, and decide whether they want to keep the current orb/globe settings, or make a new one.

This feature would only be available for owners. Full Rights will never have access to this feature if they do not own that said world.