World Rollback

Hey Pixelians! Yesterday, about 16 hours ago, I was just hanging out with my 2 friends in my clan world NGY. We were not doing anything, not doing hacks, exploits or anything similar. My friend Death12 was just wiring a dice game, and me and my other friend (who was Elder (minor)) was just talking. I had 3 sets, a main set (3m), a fishing set (worth 2.5m) and a mining set (2.5m). It was locked by a medium lock, so no one could of took it except me. Then I got “bad wifi logo” and I disconnected. I had 15 minutes of login error, then 5 minutes of “connection time out” when going in to the world. When I finally could log in to the world, I found that the main set and fishing set was still there, but the mining set was gone, and the mining set was placed last. Its gone forever now, not in my inventory, anywhere. I checked all my worlds, safes, pwe, nothing. I was wondering if I send an email to support, will they recover my lost items? I just wanted to ask, because I don’t want to go through the hassle. Support takes like 500 business days to respond, if they even respond, and comes with an unhelpful half written message. Please, anybody could help me.

Everyone on here’s gonna tell you to write to anyway you put it.
however, to save you the trouble, there’s a chance, that’s about it, there’s a chance they reply and solve it by returning what’s lost if they have spare time, but don’t bet on your last dollar.

yeah I got a false ban recently, and wrote to support. I haven’t got a reply in over 30 days, and im already unbanned. I dont know if its worth the hassle.

If you’ve gotten an unban reply, then you’re at the minimum kinda known that they’ve seen your name before, you could indeed try contacting support again, be cordial.

  "Good evening support team, it's jff once again
 There's been an issue that i'd like to discuss and or get help with
 I've been..."

And explain with as much detail as you’re able to, just as above, and organize it via a proper time, and if possible, add in a timestamp as to when you concluded everything happened, ie. before you created this thread, and just when you realized “hey… my items are gone…”

Pay attention to what the person wrote…

Support did not help this player, jff literally talked about support ignoring his emails for 30 days, that it took so long his ban was not even an issue at this point

Like having to go to a doctor 2 months later for an issue you have now, by the time you go to the doctor your issue is either healed by its own or worsensed