World's access

I’m getting a lot of world temporarily unavailable messages

Now I ve seen that before, but never across so many different worlds… that’s 3 this morning.

It first shuts the account out of the game . If I try with a different account it shows there is a player in the world but on entry I get that annoying message.

Is it everyone or just me?

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As an update I’ve come across two different groups of players who are saying there was a rollback… so perhaps all world’s.

Anyway I seem to be ok, for now… :thinking:

Maybe put this in bug reports category


Bro liked my thing but never did

Well I didn’t see the point . It’s not like PW are active in the forum …

World rollbacks are killing me at the moment I’ve lost millions in the last 10 days.

Now I’m not poor but I am also not rich in BC compared to many others…

Also some items mean something, as an example one of my pets which I bought from the shop and have farmed for familiar food over many hours and evolved thro 3 different pets has simply disappeared… Now I could buy another , if I could find one, it would be expensive toon but that’s not the point

For the first time in my life I’m truly disillusioned with the game :cry:

I don’t know how or why but the bots in the game seem to somehow be following my main acct as well - it’s almost farcical when 3 of them appear next to me … But the amusement has worn thin … :anger::rage:

All of this I have reported there are two items I particularly want back … We’ll wait and see.

From what I’ve seen I wouldn’t say it’s a safety precaution. It’s doing more harm than good.