Worlds price check

Hello everybody,
I have a few worlds i’d like to sell but I am unexperienced and i’d like to know the right price for them.
I think the first may be rare, even if it has a symbol in it…
I also know it may only be an opinion but i really need some advice. Thanks! :love_you_gesture:

World names:

  1. M_
  2. {M}
  3. {^^}
  1. 35-50 wls
  2. 0-5 wls
  3. 0 wls
  4. 10-20 wls it’s long but it’s a good name
  5. 0 wls

Thanks for your answer.
I thought more, frankly, in particular for M_ because, even if t has a symbol, it’s a 2 letters name.
Well, I will wait for some other opinions before trying to sell and probably i will not sell M_ if this is the price.
I 'll probably wait to see if it becomes more rare later on!
Anyway, any other opinion about? :crossed_fingers:

In 2017 february I think all 2 letters were locked but about 30% of the symbol ones were still open, so it’s pretty far away from being as expensive as a 2 letter world or 2 letter with a number. And waiting for it to become more rare is a good idea.

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All you guys agree with the price that Very Tall said in his/her post?
Anybody else has something to say about?

so here is what i think

  1. well i know that 2 letters like 200-300 2 letters that have number are about 100 and with symbol like 50

  2. it might be hard to find a buyer because its not really that rare like even 3 letter worlds itself are only 15 wls and if they have a number they’re worthless but the name is just an M which some might say could be a bit rare but it would be hard to get anyhting for it

3 and 5 are worthless and even 4 will be hard to find a buyer tbh the only one worth your time is the first one