WOTW bug

Hi Guys
Today i tried to enter the new WOTW but somehow everytime i tried to enter i dc.
Idk why i tried by typing name from menus or go from Pixelstation but i always dc if i try go in.
Anyone knows why???

World might have full players in it, have you tried resetting the game?
it could be possible it can be because of running apps in the background (iOS/android)

No in menus it said 0 ppl in there

Did you try resetting it? the problem may be caused by old phone ram or such?

I entered the WOTW and experienced no crash.

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  1. Yes I did.
  2. Im on Laptop.

It works well for me:0

Are you using it in steam or no? Because Microsoft pw version has a lot of bugs and glitches in it.

ehhhhh boys it works again

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