WOTW submission

I know that it may seem a halloween themed world but still, here I go, I’m submitting this world for the world of the week. PixelWorlds2

This world it’s mainly a platformer world in which there can participate riddles too. It may be one of the hardest right now, but I only got a few feedbacks about it, I’m not quite sure. The hardest part may be the riddles because they can contain deep meanings which people may not decode. It also contains a little lore, behaviours, which own different modules of the world, some may be harmless but deadly. In fact everything you need to do, is completing a journey, at the end revealing something that’s been hidden, and so, the most important thing of this world.

It also has a little sequel: PixelWorlds1

The world’s name it’s TOWEROFMADNESS, it may not be finished yet, just some things to ajust but in fact its ready to be played. Every feedback is welcomed!

I was Kewrz, or as inside the game, DaOpologeez.

Thanks for reading! c;


Go to the world im checking it out now

You should request this submission during halloween… Anyways good luck

I just used halloween blocks I dont think it automatically means it is about halloween :c

Good looking modules! I like the design of them!

yeah but it looks like halloween theme world…

It’s definitely a Halloween world, you can tell it’s inspired by the Black Tower.

Well, yeah, but in fact idea is inspired by another player from another game

In terms of the items used though, and the name of the world, if you take the context of Pixel Worlds, then it’s definitely a Halloween world. You even said that it might seem like a Halloween-themed world in the original post.

Well, the name of the world it’s literraly the player’s idea, and i took it letter by letter, he has a “realm” which is named “The Tower of Madness”, and so, from june I started developing different ideas how can I place this in pw. So in may, i created the world “TOWEROFMADNESS” i couldn’t do much in terms of building because i had exams in june. Time passed and i was about to give up, then in october I started clearing the world and played lots of black tower, which gave me most of the blocks, traps and props that were perfect for this type of world. I started building it in november, also school took most of my time and i built it very slow, until now when I finnaly managed to finish it. It is kinda my fault that this world may not be in theme, but i still tried :confused:

It’s a good world, don’t knock yourself for it. It just definitely has a Halloween vibe to it, and you playing a lot of the Black Tower while making the world would explain that.


Bump .w. (I dont want to let it be forgotten)