WOTW trophy reform

As you know, anyone who have full rights to world can break & take WotW trophies.

Early this year Me and our clan had case where out of nowhere one of our ex Co-Leader sold his account for real money and the guy who bought his account destroyed our clan world FINSQUAD. He broke a lot of items from our clan world, kicked 8 of our clan members for no reason, broke rating boards and took our WotW trophy & trashed it.

All other items could been replaced but we lost our WotW trophy. After 2 months we luckily got our trophy back from Developers.

For this reason I hope that Developers will make WotW trophies only to be taken by World Owner.

I still have Co-Leaders in my clan and I trust them but still I don’t want to place trophy to our clanworld just in case that this won’t happen again. Like I said, all other items in our clan world could been replaced but I think Developers won’t return it second time.

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Well… you can just put an sl around the wotw trophy.


Yeah, it would fix the problem. But it would also ruin world design

Eh you could probably find a way to still make it look nice maybe put water on the sl.

I see your point though.

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U could put oil on top o it

Oil & Elven blocks doesn’t look good but thanks.