Wraith bane (Nether boss) How to defeat!

Hi guys,
Netherboss event is here and I see alot of people that still don’t know how to defeat it, so here is how to:
First you need to know that actual Armor just helps against the projectiles so i recommend you to use Dark Damage reduce like the WITCH HUNTER set. (Cause the projectiles are easy to doge)
Second is the armor of the boss:
He is weak against light, every other elemt except Dark he got 15 defense. On Dark he got 75 Defense, That’s why I dont recommend you to use Dark sword. So optimal against him is literally a GREEN LIGHTSABER.
Also you need to know he has 10k hp and with the LIGHTSABER you do 120 or sth so you have to hit him 83 times. With rage potion only 42!!! When the boss is in his immortal phase don’t shake it is still easy if you follow the next steps.
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Here you see the boss area. If you enter just stand on the TOPEST platform, because there is only one fireshooter to doge and the boss. Since the projectiles barely hit you just have to doge the BODY of the boss but that can be countered in just jumping over him with wings or jetpack. Here’s also why you use WITCH HUNTER set. Because if he hits you he only gives you like 100 dmg and you can tank 12 from that with full hp and perks. The rest is with hitting it in the pattern i told you until he’s dead.
What else could help you?
-If you put healing potion into your 3rd Basic tool spot. (which can be done by clickin on them ONCE when they are in the inventory. Then you just have to tap DOUBLE C on pc to use them and get full hp in nether. ( So you don’t have to get out the inventory with mouse or i which is massive shortcut.)
Hope this helped you and you beat every boss with this!


Double tap C to use healing potions?? Why have I never heard of this?

It’s a keybind for using the place block. And if the healing potion there you consume it.

yeah its somehow a shortcut key to place blocks or use anything easier