Yakuza 0 world pixel art

Pixel art of the disco in the game Yakuza 0 if anyone played it
World is Kiryu if anyone wants to check it out, idk what to add to it


no idea what that is but I appreciate this thread

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Mmm how does one appreciate a thread but doesn’t know what it even is…or is the pixel art just that bad and you know the game

Its the pixel art he appreciates.
You don’t need to know what it is to appreciate the effort put into it.


Ahhh Yakuza 0. I remember stumbling upon it when I was in my daily routine watching metal gear rising videos. It looked a bit weird at first. It looks decent when I look at it now.

The pixel art is great though.

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What mose said. Can’t I appreciate pixel art?

Yee it just sounded weird in my head sry

I want to shake your hand for building this masterpiece, Yakuza games are the best games I’ve ever played

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