Yes, I like making images

So I made these 2 today:

The potential first screen you would see when first opening PW, if KN was actually a thing.

New KNID registration form.

Actually, I like Kukouri Network’s concept, even though the suggestion has been denied, expect more images to be posted here.


Nice work.

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Why tho? (20 characters)

question: WHAT IS KNID???

Kukouri network ID


I wouldn’t try make formal registeration form’s.
Those planning doesn’t belong in any public forums. There is rules, sizes, protections, copyright stuff. Its in coding, you should suggest ideas about what it should have inside.
Game can’t have nonprotected links to forums or backward from forums to game as player logged in.
Larger picture having whole support inside game as well chat system replan would be useful.
But its possible and makes a lot bigger whole game.

ah yes kukouri network my fav

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Forum service for KN:


Merging your PW account with a KNID:

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