Yo whats are deez hacker wtf why

How did they know my gems and they left!
Are mods trolling me, can mods know gems? But they arent VIP mods undercover must be VIP right?

Random noob appearance hacker (same as the 58 gems is a noob appearance or alt)

What does knowing the amount of your gems do

If they can do that, they might be able to do much more related to that.

Maybe they can get other numbers, like the hidden numbers devs don’t want us to see?


He knows ur byte, items, gems , etc he even make buy world explode

More of rare hacker moments :flushed:

That dude who’s using a newbie sword and metal head is the hacker so devs if u wanna fix it you maybe can find something valueble at hes logs y’know :flushed::smirk: intmain*

Why am i getting flagged whttt

I don’t see any kind of hacking in here. It’s probably an educated guess or you had your alt there and do the process until this happens. There’s no such things like these that would happen within Pixel Worlds unless they have access to the database, if not then this is not hacking.

Why would he try to fake it, if he gains no advanatges from that?

It can’t be an educated guess neither, unles he just told him the amount, too specific.

PW hackers can do a lot of stuff that seems to be impossible without advanced access to the server. I’ve seen one player play sounds on other players’ devices in the world, including mine. PW probably uses a bad network model, which grants clients too much access.

can confirm this is real, recently a person released their private cheat src to the public, those “hackers” aren’t really anything great, they’re just using a now public source cheat made by a person who was more educated than them. They’re just showing off other person’s work(cheats) to get attention.

Edit: Forgot to mention but most of these “cheats” are pretty old and have been a thing for a while, just not public.

Yes, they can see how many gems you have.

Incorrect. Undercover mods are not always vip.

There’s no such thing. One can not see through someone’s data without going into the database.

Well, didn’t Fising just prove this?

All depends on how much data they send to the client.

What do you think their database is for? To store stuff, and then send it to the clients.

So clients can see the database, depends on what is sent to them.

Hah false flag! You know what time it is its for :b::a:n !

Nice penguin set :slight_smile:

How do you know?! (20)

Admin tools allow you to see the gem count of players in the user info and their VIP I believe, there are a few harmless hacks that let people view the admin tool UI but can’t actually use anything in it. Just report them and a mod will hopefully take care of it.


Hows the business going my bro :smiley:

its fine my guy. (20)

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