You became a multimillionaire. How much money would you spend on pw?

If you ended up having a sum of 5.8 million, how much money would you spend on pixel worlds?

all of them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


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each event every bundle that seems nice and usefull to me.

3-4 million?

I suppose I could negotiate with the new CEO, get it for half the price, or get the company with the game.

Because you’ll get bored really quickly. It would be a huge waste of money to pay millions just to purchase a game and own as many items as you want. Is pw really that awesome? It would be a better deal to buy billions of gems instead in my view, then you would have a goal.

I would spend it in getting a better pc and playing a better game :slightly_smiling_face:

The correct answer would be 0 dollars, not: I would spend it in getting a better pc and playing a better game :slightly_smiling_face:

i would buy kukouri for 650k, become the new CEO and the only tier 3 influencer, have a set made after me, become the richest player in the game, spend alot of money on advertising, invest in a new game made by kukouri and buy smaller indie game companies to join kukouri. i would be left with about 2mil spent but hopefully it would be reimbursed by investments.

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Also make it an AAA game and abuse a lot of abuse

I would only buy the bundles lol
Its still a huge waste but idk

Why the hell would you spend money on some pixels when you could spend it on something useful instead?


100 dollars a year

Looks like someone has a better idea for the game

if i’m a multimillionaire why would i play pw? anyways let’s say i playing i’ll not spent on pw just a waste.

because it’s a fun activity

Considering that I purchased Kukouri for half the money, a quarter of the money would go into:

  • Adding Kukouri Network (and possibly a Miiverse replacement)
  • Moving streams away from Amazon
  • Moving the SERVERS away from Amazon
  • Actually listening to the community

And the remaining quarter would go into other stuff.

I would purchase the company and target all the players I hate :smiling_imp:

But if this actually happened I would just spend absolutely nothing on this game lol
I don’t even play it that often


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servers would need more TLC imo, and i like the idea of a network like EA or Xbox

i would spend 2k on pw, then save the rest for my personal businesses and investments

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