You know what is mildly infuriating?

I am only missing 0.11 euros to purchase a PW package. I am not buying a 5 euros steam card just to purchase it…
Hate this.

Yeah it sucks lol
Same thing happened to me yesterday but with DST skin packs

just add 3 or 7 more bucks so yoy can buy the bundle in wednesday (15 december)

these are the bundle items if you havent seen

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And what are prices xD

i think it’s like this:
5$ for the hat
10$ for the eyes
20$ for the wings
50$ for the mace

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You forgot my favorite bundle pack!

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Maybe you have some tradeable cards in your Steam account that you can sell to get the 0.11 euros that you need?

Terraria cards cost cents still enough

Gt focused eye copy :open_mouth:

My fav gem bundle too