You need to chill bro!

Yes, I’m talking about you, yes you! right there, you need to chill and stop starting debate everywhere and realize you should stop that.

Don’t make all threads get archived by a mod because you just had short temper and you should be mature, it’s fine to yield out and give up before the chaos happend.

This forum is the place for memes, good times, sharing our stories, spending time with others that can relate to us not debating and hating on each other, hopefully, you understand.

Peace out smoke bomb.

Chill anakin


Are you talking about ro beta?

What you talking about?

About the forumer named beta who is always “depressed”

I don’t see anything wrong with being “depressed”.

Seeing how ontol has an obvious bias against me, he’s probably talking about me, even though I’m not the one who starts drama

What is going on here, what you talking about?

Beta is not depressed, he just wanna make drama :moyai:

His name is “depressed” on discord :stuck_out_tongue:

I know but he’s not “depressed”

I don’t wanna make drama so I’ll just shut up

What type of cereal you eat?

Feel free to debate as long as you stay civil and respect each others.

Let’s debate about something matter right? not 700 reply thread talking non-sense, I just wanna have a good time here, hopefully people get mature and stay chill.

I just found a box with legos and im building a lego sword to make time pass because class

Debate about that lol

Finally some good topic, some legos.

yes im on my carpet