You won't get this in PW

You wont find this in the menu :scream:


Yes and no, I don’t know what he meant by they will look into it.

Guys I don’t really understand why you’re going off-topic on this thread.

Weren’t you, yourself, advocating for a username change option a few days ago?

Here, found it

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No, names aren’t stored on "DVD-R"s, the reason they said they don’t want to add it is due to the log in issues. Influencers have in the past been able to change their names, although not sure if it happens now. And if you’re interested in how the game stores data, it’s using MongoDB afaik

Well, you could technically make mongoDB write onto a dvd, it’s just that noone does that.

Not in this context I don’t think, since many things stored there will change (inventory, gems, bytes, etc) so having a read only drive would be, well, stupid

You could make it write onto a dvd even in this context.

You just wouldn’t be able to rewrite it. :sunglasses:

Why don’t they just use account IDs for database stuff, as they’re meant to be permanent.

How do you know all this?