YouTube stuff idk

Hi everyone im Mikey_Pro_Rich and i wanted to tell you im trying to make a yt channel and an instagram acc and i might need some tips so if you could tell me them that would be great. Btw im new to discord and my main world in pixel worlds is named: hmmtfd. ty for your time

There’s literally no harm in trying. It’s like saying you shouldn’t join the army because people will have a higher rank than you, it’s dipsh*t logic.

dont listen to others. open a channel. i support you man!


wait but then if he opens a channel, he’s listening to you which goes against don’t listen to others


wasn’t meant to be evil, but really thats not good for asking somebody doing something the guy didnt wanted to, you can’t control other peoples.

Also i have tips for you Mikey (why is theres a pro and rich in your name btw-), try making good thumbnails, maybe use obs to record (never use bandicam), edit your video. That’s it

Also @Ekipalisbiggestfan prob ur gonna be banned soon enough

others like negative people

thats rude :frowning: i alrady have 2 subs and i want to make a yt channel for fun

thank you ghost :slight_smile: my yt is mikey_pro_playzz

so rude :frowning: i dont want to compete i just want a channel i just want to have fun on yt

I believe in you Mikey, be one of the best out there!

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pro tip: dont make videos like this:
dont beg for anything on youtube it bores people.
another pro tip:
dont just make you pfp roblox character maybe a drawing of your roblox character but dont put it there without any editing or smth
(my own pfp with my own drawing [idk why but youtube shows this name to some people instead of ghost2130] )
(one of my test channels without original pfp)
pro tip number 3:
make thumbnails. they interest people so they click more
(my own video)
(again my own video)

i cant draw well :grimacing: but i might try to get someone to do a drawing for me

and im not making only gaming vids now btw

ah i see

have you watched my channel?

yes i have watched your channel

ok thank you. did u sub

I like your confidence Mikey_Pro_Rich, you have given me an idea to also try out Youtube now so soon ill try it out