Ability to add users as friends by account ID

I think this is quite self-explanatory, but I’ll try to explain…

Each account has it’s ID, for example #AAAA123. And there would be a button in your friends list to add friend by ID, you type #BBBB456 and it’ll show #BBBB456’s user info, and then you can choose to send friend request.

It will be comfortable to do this this way instead of having to join a world together.

My account ID is #KJ7U2KIG if it ever gets added.


Interesting idea, although if something like this were to be introduced I’d rather type someone’s username (ie. Ondrashek06) over a random account ID (ie. #KJ7U2KIG) since usually the name is more representable. It’s more user friendly that way, I suppose.

The only reason some other games use IDs for this is because they allow users to have the same name.

Sure. Finally something thats nice

This is to prevent being spammed FR’s, so you can give your ID only to people you want to add, or release it to the public if you want.

The Switch uses a friend code system and nobody sends me random FRs because nobody will take time to guess a 12 digit number.

Think about it, even to the government you’re essentially an ID too. Here you login to the website where you can download your temporary covid test “tickets” with a ID card number + SSN.

Again, Switch codes are there because your name on the switch is non-exclusive. It’s quite frustrating typing that 12 digit code in my opinion.

A better solution to avoid spammed friend requests would be to be able to toggle them on or off (Suggestions exist such as oshawott’s), since like with the Switch system it’d likely be more frustrating to use in that way.

Don’t get me wrong — I like the concept, I just don’t like the idea of sacrificing user experience when the system already works with exclusive names.

Ok, so use it with usernames.

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If this were to be added, there better be a “Block Requests” mode, considering how a lot of people will spam friend requests to influential people (Mods, Influencers, etc) of the community.