⚠ About the false bans / ban appeal threads (READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD!)

I’m not the only one who clearly noticed ban appeal/false ban threads rised up recently and it’s obvious that Forums is NOT support, neither a way to get your account unbanned.

All ban appeals must go through support and the one and only support email is: support@kukouri.com.

Before making any threads/replying to this one (especially about bans), i'll really recommend you to check out this thread made by Logan which go throught a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and then reply to this thread or direct message me only if you have any questions.

From now on, ban appeals/false ban threads will be closed or deleted and a link to this thread and additionally to @Logan thread will be linked to prevent the plently of threads about the same topic.

All non-question replies on this thread will be deleted.


Thanks RetNos for the support email… this will surely be useful to some people in need.