⚠️About the false bans / ban appeal threads (READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD!)⚠️

I’m not the only one who clearly noticed ban appeal/false ban threads rised up recently and it’s obvious that Forums is NOT support, neither a way to get your account unbanned.

All ban appeals must go through support and the one and only support email is: support@kukouri.com.

Before making any threads (especially about bans), i'll really recommend you to check out this thread made by Logan which go throught a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and then reply to this thread or direct message me only if you have any questions.

From now on, ban appeals/false ban threads will be closed and a link to this thread and additionally to @Logan thread will be linked to prevent the plently of threads about the same topic.

All non-question replies on this thread will be deleted.


I just got banned for 30 day , i don’t do scam or something like that , but i know my name is reason why i get banned… So i think 30 day is to much…i need change my name and not break the game rule , i need your kindness and please reduce the banned period

Regarding an offensive player name, the ban will stay and will not be lifted and nor can i lift it. Using an appropriate username will avoid you to get banned next time.

Okay but please if ban has ended, give me time to move my items to my old account

Pada tanggal Rab, 9 Agu 2023 00.55, RetNos via Pixel Worlds Forum <support@kukouri.com> menulis:

Just got banned for sexual content when i was just hosting a last to leave.

Is the world name had something offensive in it? Did you swore or said bad things?

I did nothing wrong i didn’t swear and the world name was just last-to-leave but backwards

ceturtd., 2023. g. 24. aug., plkst. 11:42 — lietotājs RetNos via Pixel Worlds Forum (<support@kukouri.com>) rakstīja:

Then you should send a email to support to appeal your ban as forums isn’t the place for that.

i got banned 3650 days but i didnt do anything wrong i bought spirit claw maybe it was duped but i didnt do anything wrong pls help