Accidental ban?

So … I got an huge with a fibeglass basic and the game thinks i hacked? The fish was as slow as an tiny fish but still. Ill let you guys discuss was this a glitch or an actual ban. :confused: edit: also here to get more attention to this situation!


Uhuh. Kinda crazy right?

contact support email, i don’t think you’re getting any help here.

I have already done that now im just trying to get my account back. I worked hard for nothing, i see.

The image pretty much explains it all. Sorry that happened to you, though.

Ok… Well after 10 years ill be back! Kinda dumb that the game has glitches like this. Mark my word : Ill be back. (Totally not an terminator reference) anyways you guys have a better day than me! Ill take part in here tho! Was fun playing pw. I figured id need a break but not like this! Farewell PW COMMUINITY

I agree, PWAC sometimes really sucks…

Just one more thing : Remember me.


Yes very well. “”"""""

Case closed i guess…

Also i really doubt you can catch a huge fish with a such rod, huge fishies move way faster than tiny one…

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The only people that can access the panel where they can remove your account ban are the admins.

And they do not overturn bans in 99.9% of the cases.

Yes this is solved, but this still makes me think… why was it so slow…? ?

Hmmm… Interesting question.

I never saw anyone catching a huge fish with a basic rod personally (expect if he/she was using fish hacks).

Quess im moving to:

they did unbanned me though when i was suspected for hacking when i actually just downloaded a sus file.

I don’t understand where are you taking these percentages from.
Is there like ban statistics im missing out or what

When was this? I want to know.

like 3 months ago

Hmm … Theres something weird about all this.