Alternate Account Harrassment Issue

So since my arrival after a long year, I have noticed numerous ALTs belonging to a few permanently banned players. (no naming or shaming)

So what I suggest is that moderators should become more active and try checking/monitoring these accounts.

Cyber bullying is a huge issue nowadays and we need to prevent this by simply upgrading our actions and be smarter!

Any suspicious posts or accounts, make sure to report them straight away and do not be involved in their cross-range of arguing back because that is what they want to do! They simply want attention.

Also instead of accusing new players straight away, try be objective and ask questions so further conflict shouldn’t be necessary!

Usually new accounts would be held for review but instead of usually, why not all the time?

Let us all work together and bring peace to this forums and do not let it prevail away just like Growtopia!

Side Note: For all those banned players and alts reading this, if you want a second chance or forgiveness, get your behaviour sorted up and man up. Stop abusing this system and grow up, be happy!

For maybe some reason, you alts and players are banned for a reason you don’t like, try talking to players or mods or emailing support! Doesn’t mean you can revenge to forums or try to blackmail or abuse the alt system! Messaging me or the trusted forumers and veteran which I know who will reply below will 100% try to assist you in anyway possible!

And please, @Jake, please reply to people who are emailing support and look for better moderators because I can see rarely a few moderate properly and are active. Usually some mods ignore the assistance that the pixel worlds players request and the help that they need which usually is one of the reasons of people using alts and causing issue and drama!

These steps can be considered everywhere and not just pixel world forums. Examples: Discord, Youtube, And Instagram, etc. All the social platforms.

Thank you for reading and will happily take criticism!

@Starfire1174 @Freak @Jake @Dev @EndlesS @Blackwight @Siskea

Unfortunately for Pixel Worlds, sales will drop and become deep and lost inside an ocean if they do not hear us players and accepting our opinions!

P.S Any more advice, let me know and I will update this thread continuously as I am noticing this is a huge issue!


Yeah, that is smart. New accounts should be held for review all the time :thinking:


Yeah the moderation is and has been pretty bad for quite a long time, and as unfortunate as it is I don’t really see Jake or who ever chooses the mods these days doing another mod application in the near future. But it would be good to have more mods just in general.


They’re eventually going to have to address it or their sales will drop.

This game and forums are becoming the equivalent of a Minecraft Anarchy server.


Yeah, this is true huge issue! But I know I couldn’t relate to any of these because I am innocent and perfect.


Yes, too innocent and perfect


I still don’t get why there is no new mod application. It’s been like a year that we (forumers) complain about this and that we need more mods ingame and in forums.

Sad is when i told Jake on a live that there is a lack of moderation here and in game, i asked him if he ever gonna to recruit more mods.

“At some point yea” said Jake

This was during October 2021… just saying. Nothing has been done since that and i’m pretty sure he didn’t even reviewed some sussy mods actions aka false bans or Global Messages being deleted for no reasons.


Yes, this makes huge sense as to why cough cough certain players might be here to exact their revenge and hopefully they start monitoring their current moderators and look for new ones. And weirdly if you haven’t noticed already, pixel worlds on the playstore had been reducing in reviews and I think a few reasons really do comply here.


Jezz… for me the rating looks good lol

But yea… if admins don’t do anything, this ain’t gonna be good for the game.


Maybe location but doesn’t matter because yes your right it wont be good for the game in the long run.


100% agree!


Basically peoples rate the game low because they got scammed or they don’t find a way to get rich.


Maybe because the french playerbase is small


Or because it is a gt “copy”

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barely any ways to get good amount when starting new

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They wanted everything to be instant, I mean that’s human nowadays… Nothing We can do about that.

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Even turtles behave better than that :sweat_smile:


…or because they want unrestricted WLs back.


I said that murder is wrong and cops should do their job better for years and nothing changed sad