Automatic archiving for 200+ replies threads

I honestly think that there should be a limit as to the number of replies that can be performed in a single post. The thought of a post reaching 1000+ replies seems ridiculous to me. A forum profile should show your real amount of posts, not a boosted number through dumb replies.
This is just stupid, how did this even happen? lmao

Maybe a restriction on the number of replies that can be reached per post could be the solution?
Don’t know if it is possible, but it would help a lot in my opinion.

Does anyone agree?

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I think it’s sick when they reach a ridiculous amount of replies, even if it’s just dumb replies, imo just shows how close the community is, everyone can keep a silly topic going on for ages and personality it’s entertaining when everyone’s debating over something, so uh yeah pls no


Literally a spam thread to boost posts :rofl: Things like that makes it hard for real members of the forums to shine among other dozens of members with hundreds more posts thanks to freaking 3 word spamming.

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I wouldn’t call it sick but sickening instead. Literally dumb replies to increase dumb posts in a very dumb way. Its as if I went to the wiki page right now and edited one item page over and over again until I reach the same amount of edits as Freak who has been a mod there for years.

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Well I can kinda see your point there, but imo it doesn’t really matter and threads like 3 words story and other forum games are really important to keep the moral up here,

it’s just harmless fun and I don’t think the forums are supposed to be taken as a competition as the people posting on that thread are some of the only active members here anyway.


Agreed and it’s better then the forums being dead


This is simply a legendary thread lol, no way to add a limiter
also its not spam at all imo

I dont see what you mean…
It’s just a little forum game…
also, what is a ‘‘real member of the forums’’?
Isn’t everyone here one?
also the forums isnt a competition, no need to shine


Quality members are buried thanks to the insane amount of members with crazy numbers of “forum game” replies.

I don’t know how you can think that 3 word low quality replies are feeling the forums not die :rofl:

And in the imaginary case they did help. Would you really prefer trash replies over quality?

From my experience that isn’t at all true. There are plenty of high quality posts made by forumers frequently and a lot of those with higher post counts tend to be the ones who are making quality posts on the forums. There are ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ categories for a reason, they help you find new posts along with ones that you haven’t seen yet, surely you can find quality posts through those?

Automatically archiving active threads will do nothing but limit discussions (on a forum site) and prevent forum games, which are something that active forumers have shown interest in. If you want to filter out threads that you’re not interested in, there’s a reason that you can mute threads.



There’s no need for high quality stuff, because

and just be here and talk bit about the game with the others, this is just the forums dude, I really dont get your problem with the 3 word story…
also the replies isnt trash or something, its just a game ,where you reply with 3 words and continue the story. You may call it ‘‘trash’’, since the story, and I agree with you in this point, makes absolutely no sense at all, but its still a fun thing to do, and its interesting to see what the others come up with.

Never expected you to agree with me anyways,

Around 15.2% of your posts are from that single thread.

This is not needed. There are many great threads like forum games, which exceed 200 replies. This would ruin the point of forum games that may take long to finish and would just ruin the fun. Arguments could (sometimes) be a good thing, because it helps you engage into the community, and have a debate about things. Such as, your suggestion. But sometimes arguments could be really bad like, people straight up yelling at each other or saying bad things about the other. This suggestion would only be useful for the bad arguments.


Get real, Forum Games is not a “great” thread, if the owner was on Reddit they would already be banned for trying to farm karma points. It is just a non-sense thread with stupid 3 words replies to boost people’s posts and the creator’s profile.

Limiting threads to 200 replies would be reasonable, and still QUITE a lot.

This isn’t reddit lmao
And they are fun. If you don’t enjoy them, then you don’t. But others do. Oh and, here’s what I said before.

It’s “are”, not is.


You fr had to delete edit/delete your past comment because you were the one at fault :skull: Dare you to post it back.

ok, will do :smile:

Really seems like you see the forums as a competition and you’re getting upset because you believe your post are better then the forum games post but getting no where near the same attention