Best fish?

I just get back to playing PW.
I was a good fisher but now idk what lure I should use.
I have bamboo sup.

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I fish Butterflyfish. I used to fish Sea Angler. Nowadays, In Fake blood, there is dumbfish and sea angler. Most of the time you will get dumbfish

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what lure you use?
Any good world?

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For Butterflyfish, I went to World name ‘Butterflies’

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Yeah there’s dumbfish but the Sea Angler is still the best. Also it depends on the fishing set and the lure. For rods like bamboo sup and fiberglass sup i recommend golden spoon, for stronger rods like carbon and titanium i recommend green jerk.

Ps: i use Bamboo sup with green jerk

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For now, what you need to know is different fishing rods have different lure recommendation.

Please go and read my latest fishing guide, scroll down, and you will see which lure you should use.

Well, it’s pretty general, but I will make part 3,4,5 soon. And, I will cover your topic for sure.

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By the way, welcome to the community.


but would you mind if I give you recommendation? for bamboo fishing rod, it is not recommended to use green jerk as your main. You can look into my fishing guide, scroll down, and you will find recommendation on which lure you should use.

You can ask questions there if you are confused with my guide, I would appreciate any inquiries.

Good choice of fish.
What fishing rod are you using?

Bamboo basic :sweat_smile: . Now I don’t fish (Gears dropping)

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Oh, I see…

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Gears kinda rose back

For bamboo to Fiberglass
Only use common lures.