Blacktower Fanart

Have a nice day.


Thanks you too!

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Nice work, I might make some too if I am not lazy. Btw have a good one too



Awesome, I like how simple it looks!

You maybe could give some animation to the moon shining as well but that’s just a minor fact, nice work!


Cool pixel art, I love how all of the lava is flowing out of the tower.


You forgot the part where i fell out the tower


Why do you have to make everything finnish related in these forums? I get you love your country and all but its not the only country in the world, plus finland isn’t even that big of a country

Pixel Worlds is a Finnish game and as far as I’m aware the forum rules don’t forbid users from speaking in foreign languages.


Why are you a racist?

I’m not saying he is completely right, nor am I saying you are dumb, I’m just stating that he is not racist for just saying “Finland isn’t the only country in the world”, of course, he could have worded it better for example

"Not everyone in the forums can speak Finnish you stunningly handsome alpha-male oh boi i wish i could know you better so- "

You could have responded with “Oh I know im amazing, but how did you get into my house?”

You should not call someone something if they have just written something that slightly triggers a patriot like you.

In the future, think about it and know what a word means before you use it.

The end.


It’s the theme song for the moomins. lol.
You’re acting like your life depends on proving that I am wrong. Ehheh. Äxdeee